SING OUT! 2004 - 2010

Pat Wright & the Total Experience Gospel Choir
SING OUT Kitsap! 2011 (<-Click here to see 2011 photos)

Sing Out! MLK Choir 2009

Ready for Sing Out!
Dennis Pryor & Jerry Elfendahl
High School MLK Assembly

Sing Out! 2010
Pat Wright & Choir

Gena Brooks

Denni Pryor Opening

Serena Tideman
Requiem to MLK

Akila Benton
Memories of Luke Chadwick

The Childen Sang!

Excellent's Solo

Workshop Singers

BI Mayor Kordonowy reads
10th Anniversary Proclamation

Young Singers: Sing Out! 2009

Pat Wright: Sing Out! 2009

Pat Wright and Sing Out! Choir 2009

Unity: Blaine Fontana 1993

Pat & Rudy 2009

Committee & Guests Sing Out! 2009

Total Experience Gospel Choir 2009

Sing Out! 2009

Rick Barrenger
Sing Out! 2008

Gena Directing Sing Out! Choir 2009

Annie Strickland
Sing Out! 2008

Choir & Bill Cowings Farewell 2006

Bill Cowings & Mayor Kordonowy

Reach Out for Bill Cowings

Sing Out! 2004

Pat Wright 2004
Total Experience Gospel Choir

Sing Out! 2004

Sing Out! 2004

Sing Out! 2004

Sing Out! 2004

Sing Out! 2004

Sing Out! 2004

Sing Out! 2004

Sing Out! 2004

Sing Out! 2004

Sing Out! 2004

Mime Sing Out! 2001

Sing Out! 2001

We Shall Overcome
Sing Out! 2001

Soloist Jen
Indianola 2006

Gena Directing
Indianola 2006

Soloist Keysia
Indianola 2006

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