Ferry, Eagle Harbor, Rich Passage, Agate Pass Bridge
Gazzam Lake, Manzanita Bay, Seabold Hall, Island Center Hall
Yeomalt Cabin, Day Road, Willow Brook Farm,
John Nelson-Strawberry Cannery Park, Trees

View Photos of Bainbridge Ferry and Other Boats

Manzanita Bay: March

Manzanita Bay: January

Manzanita Bay: July

Sunset Arrival, July

Eagle Harbor

Eagle Harbor Sunset

Rich Passage

Bainbridge Island: January View

Full Moon: AgatePassage

Agate Pass Bridge: Southwest View

Agate Pass Bridge: Northeast View

Agate Pass Bridge & Heron

Seattle: Mystical View

Yeomalt Cabin Restored: August 2010

Midden Point

Island Center Hall
April 2013

Seabold Hall
March 2009

High School Rd Cabin
April 2005

Gazzam Lake: August Gold

Gazzam Lake: October

Gazzam Lake: May 2012

Gazzam Lake: Oct 2009

Gazzam Lake with Duck: July 2010

Gazzam Lake: June 2010

Gazzam Lake: June

Gazzam Lake: February

Yeomalt Cabin August 28, 2010

Gazzam Lake: November

Gazzam Lake: July 2010

Spring Trees

Day Road

Willow Brook Farm

Day Road Farm

Battle Point Park Pond: April 2012

Fay Bainbridge Park Log

Eagle Harbor: June 2009

Madison Ave Spring

Black Locust: Winslow

Black Locust: Eagle Harbor Church

Red Oak,Phelps Rd.

Island School Friends

City Hall: West Himalaya Birch

Cherry Tree, Grow Ave.

Bucklin Hill & Madison

Tree with Vanilla Leaf
Grand Forest

Mountain Ash, Bloedel

Barn & Mountain Ash
Bloedel Reserve

West Himalaya Birch
Bloedel Reserve

Bones of the Earth-Boundy Pond

Reflections-Boundy Pond

In the Fog-Suquamish

Snow January 2012
Strawberry Cannery Park

Midden Point: January 2012

Shed near Eagle Harbor:
January 2012

Hidden Benches
Strawberry Cannery Park
July 4, 2012

Southwest View with Picnic Area
Strawberry Cannery Park
July 4, 2012

Southeast View - Picnic Table
Strawberry Cannery Park
August 19, 2013

Main Path
Strawberry Cannery Park
July 4, 2012

Tube Worms: May 2011

Tube Worms: May 2011

Reflection: Old Boat

Cherry Tree - Grow Ave & Shepard

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