Herons, Geese, Swans, Snowy Egret, Peacock, Whooping Cranes
Horses & Sea Lions
These images are always a gift!

Bainbridge Heron Rookery
Nestbuilding 2014: March 26-April 11

Heron & Iris - Seattle Arboretum

Heron: Eagle Harbor

Heron: Eagle Harbor

Heron Stride

Heron Poised

Snowy Egret: Santa Barbara

Peacock, Point Defiance Zoo

Swan A'Swmming

Elegant Swan

Whooping Cranes, Santa Barbara

Three Ducklings, Bloedel Reserve

Canada Geese-Battle Point Park


Killdeer- Strawberry Cannery Park

Red Wing Blackbird

Yellow Headed Blackbirds


Red Shafted Flicker

Ducks Taking Flight

Mallard, Lake Crescent

Snow Geese 669

Snow Geese 682

Snow Geese 673

Red Headed Sapsucker
Front Yard

Hurricane Ridge Deer

Spirit Horse

Stellar Sea Lion & Seattle

Sea Lions & Channel Marker

Camp Brotherhood

Arizona Horse & Mules

White Running Horse

Black Stallion

Two Cows (da)

Kingston Black Angus (da)

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