SOUTHWEST: Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah

Growing up in Baltimore, I loved our vacations at the Atlantic Ocean,
Chesapeake Bay, and Magothy River. Then for many years, I lived in Arizona
and enjoyed hiking and exploring canyons and backroads of the Southwest.
When the desert heat became too much, the presence of water became irresistible
and I moved to Western Washington where there is water, water, everywhere!

Mogollon Rim


Awakening on pine needles,
comforted by filtered sun,
warm serape.

Voluptuous boulders crowning,
breezy lullabies
drift down.

Bird watchers paradise
under cottony clouds
weathered ponderosa.

Songs, calls, wood tapping,
white shoulders, red breast,
yellow finch.

June bugs buzzing, snapping,
like electric power lines
in September.

—Kathryn Keve

Luscious leisurely spring sparks Irish greens,
yellow shoulders of desert sunflowers, golden slopes of poppies.

Softer choirs of purple lupine and wild heliotrope
brightened by bursts of fuchsia hedgehogs.
Chaparral shining in the sun.
A desert chorale in tones of bloodstone, obsidian, and jasper.

Gila woodpeckers announce spring across the valley
in full-throated vibratos.
Courting quail call as they flurry before horses and hikers.

Rain and more rain has Bartlett Lake brimming.
An April full moon slathers rippling water
with silver and bronze silk.
Sky and water.

Four-wheel driving, we stop, sit, and eat, taking in the moon.

Do I believe in signs?
Vultures near Four Peaks soar overhead
as they inspect the glow of my new coral Amigo.
I find three lucky pennies.
Do we get to choose?

Life is a gift; endings are certain.
We decide how to live.

Flowers blooming until spent, fed by rain, sun,
more rain and more sun.
Cactus blossoms pushing—ready to burst open,
transitions, letting go.
Down to the Vishnu schist.

Reading the signs...
Ripe for renewal
Permission to bloom
Sing my song

If you're an artist in your soul,
every day you don't paint,
you are a day closer to the end...

—Kathryn Keve

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Kodachrome Canyon, UT

(c) Arizona Canal, Phoenix

Century Plant Macro

Prickly Pear Variety

Century Plant Closeup

Prickly Pear with Fruit(da)

AZ Sunset

Saguaro, Carefree

Boyce Thompson Arboretum View(da)

Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Boyce Thompson Arboretum Bell(da)

Canyon Lake Mood

Staghorn & Saguaro in Bloom

Cactus Wrens


Lost Dutchman State Park

Superstitions: Clouds

Superstition Spring

Peralta Road

Weavers Needle

Grand Canyon Clouds

Grand Canyon View

Grand Canyon

Still Water

San Franciso Peaks

Bear Canyon Lake, AZ

Cactus Berries, AZ

Keet Seel, AZ

Staghorn Cactus, AZ

Pigeon Point, CA

California Fog

Two Trees, CA

Red School House, CA

Salton Sea, CA

(c)(p) Black Jaguar Cat Eyes
the Bluebird of Happiness

Rocky Mt. Cabin, CO

Farm near Lake City, CO

(p) Ranch on the Rio Grande, CO

Henry Mountain, UT

Utah Wash

Utah Farm

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