Bloedel-Main Pond

Bainbridge Island - North Kitsap
Gazzam Lake, Grand Forest,
Pt. Gamble, Ft. Ward,
Bloedel Reserve

Grand Forest Bridge

Master of all he surveys!
Leo & White Bleeding Hearts

Grand Forest Trees

Gazzam Lake - Indian Plum

New Leaves, Old Berry
Ft. Ward

BI City Hall
West-Himalaya Birch

Magnolia (da)
Bloedel, June 2012


Tulip Buds

Ft. Ward - Oregon Grape

Ft. Ward- Blossoms

Ft. Ward - Sequoia

Grand Forest-Fungus

Pt. Gamble Trail
Colt's Foot

Grand Forest-Salmonberry
Rubus spectabilis

Grand Forest-Trillium Ovatum

Grand Forest-Trillium (da)

Grand Forest-Trillium Ovatum (da)

Gazzam Lake Trail

Gazzam Lake-Ground Cover

Gazzam Lake-Draped Moss

Grand Forest

Grand Forest

Grand Forest

Gazzam Lake-Vanilla Leaf

Gazzam Lake-Extra mossy tree
topped with leaves

Gazzam Lake-Trail View

Gazzam Lake

Gazzam Lake-Maple

Gazzam Lake-Tree Fungus

Gazzam Lake-Indian Plum

Gazzam Lake-Soaring Maples

Gazzam Lake-Windblown Elderberry

Wild Geranium "Stinky Robert"
Grand Forest- June

Fern: Grand Forest-June

Grand Forest-June

Gazzam Lake-Forest Art

Gazzam Lake-Forest Art

Gazzam Lake-Tree Fungus




Boy & Girl Plant (Pulmonaria)
Bloedel, April 2008

Japanese Garden
Bloedel, April 2013

Garden Sedum

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